Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review - Food - GBK 02 Review

 Review of GBK

Hi guys, my second post on here is a review on a restaurant that I was lucky enough to go to!

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see McBusted at the O2 in London, there are plenty of restaurants in the the 02 before you go into the actual arena area, which was nice. I last went to the o2 when it was the Menuluim dome! So I choose to go to Gournment Burger for a simple cheep meal

What I ate

I had a look on the menu before hand on Gourmets website, which was quite good, I was looking forward to possible having the "Kiwi" Burger which included Beetroot and Pineapple included, but I was disappointed as they did not do it anymore!(Although there website says so!) So I settled with my second choice the "Avocado Bacon" which is Avocado, crispy bacon, house mayo, relish, salad, plus the actuall beef burger itself. I asked for it to be cooked medium, it was a bit pinker than expected! 

The Burger itself was really nice, the avocado was nice and creamy which was a nice contrast to the beef and bacon. I had a starter to go first which arrived the same time as the burger! The Onion rings were really tasty and came with 3 dips Smoked Chilli Mayo, BBQ & Garlic Mayo which were all nice expect the chilli mayo which was a little strong to my taste.

I had sweet potatoes fries, to go with the burger, which were heavenly. I love sweet potato and ate a lot of it when I was in New Zealand as it as cheap as normal potatoes. The fries came with baconiase  with was nice and a different experience from normal mayo.

What I drunk 

As soon I had read the menu for GBK I saw Lemon & Paeroa I was in heaven I had a lot of this soft drink in New Zealand to, so was excited to actual have it in the UK! It has a not very lemon flavour which you get with most lemonade, it is more like bitter lemon as my aunt described it when we were in New Zealand, and she was right as I expected more lemon punch, put it was very nice. Also a nice trip down memory lane for me to have drinks from my hoilday! They also had a large bottle of tap water with glasses which was a nice touch as normally you have to pay for bottled water.


I enjoyed my experience at GBK, I might next time have my burger cooked well done than medium and try the Kiwiburger.

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