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Food - Recipe - Quick Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi another recipe, I made these chocolate chip cookies, before I had my driving lesson, so they are quick if you have not that much time on your hands, or want a quick treat!

Quick Chocolate Chip Cookies

Makes 12


• 125g Un-Salted Butter
• 175g Soft Light Brown Sugar
• 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
• 150g Plain Flour
• 1/2tsp Baking Powder
• Pinch of Salt
• 100g of Chocolate Chips (I used a mix of White and Milk)


  • 2 baking trays 
  •  Large Saucepan 
  • Sieve 
  • Wooden Spoon 
  • 1 Dessert Spoon 
  • Wire Cooling Rack 


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C Fan/Gas Mark 5 and line 2 baking trays with baking parchment or a silicone liner. 
  2. Melt the butter in a large saucepan, and then add the sugar and take of the heat. Beat in the egg, add the vanilla extract, and then sift the dry ingredients, giving it a stir so that you don’t start to cook the egg. Stir in the chocolate chips.
  3. Spoon the mixture on to the pre- prepared baking trays leave a good gap between them as they spread when cooking. Bake in you pre-heated oven for 15 minutes
  4. Once cooked leave on the tray till cooled, then transfer on to a wire cooling rack to cool and carefully peel them of the baking parchment and leave them to get cool. 
Adapted from this book -

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