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Food - Review - Food Review of Las Vegas

Food Review of Las Vegas 

Here is the promised post of what food I eat on my holiday, I'm only going to include the nights out, when we eat out and special items I had, mostly we cooked for ourselves buying food from Walmart as we had a holiday apartment instead of staying in a hotel.

 Night 1- Hot Chocolate

My first night was a dinner cooked in your rental apartment, simply of Chicken, Veg, Tomato pasta sauce and pasta. It was really simple we had been hiking in the canyons and were tired, so did not fancy going out for dinner, plus the Walmart’s are really good for rental apartment cooking although some of the fresh meat came in large portions for 3 people, plus I bought some of my favourite hot chocolate, which I can't wait to try once the weather gets colder!

Night 2- The Strip

 We did the strip, going through the casinos and outside areas only stopping for a Pink Lemonade and a beer for my dad at the Spanish Steps area of Caesars Place the lemonade was really nice, cold and full of lemon flavour, but as my mum put it high in sugar as most American drinks are!!
For dinner, we were going for a burger, but dismissed that, and looked at a Mexican restaurant, dismissed again for spiciness (which I would not have minded!) We walked on to Bubba Gump a seafood restaurant influenced from the movie Forest Gump! We were given a both type table when we arrived; the waitress explained how the ordering worked and left us some menu’s to choose from which was quite large and plenty of shrimp!
 I choose the Shrimp New Orleans (Lots of tender Shrimp broiled with Butter, Garlic, and Spices, and served with Jasmine Rice) and a Caesar salad and to drink we had tap water and a speckled lemonade with strawberries I had some rum in mine! We did have the opportunity to have the glass your drink came in unfortunately I could not take mine home unless they shipped it to the UK as it would not go in my luggage.

The Main was really good, with a good amount of Cajun spice, and there were lots of it, the shrimp were well good on mine and the bread on the side was not really needed as we had rice that went with the dish. I would have liked to try one of the puddings which would have been nice, but being with my parents I did not have the opportunity as they were quite tired of walking down the strip and really wanted to get back to the car and to the rental apartment. I have looked on the website and there is one of the Bubba Gump in London, so I hopefully that I get to go to the London one so I can have a free glass but also to try one of the puddings that I missed out on.

 Night 3- Zion National Park

The next night we had over the state border to Utah, to Zion national park for another lot of hiking and mountain trails and an overnight stay. We had dinner in the Zion Lodge, for a national park there was quite a good menu for dinner, with soups and salads and plenty of main course options I went for a 2 10 oz mini steaks with mushrooms and sides of  garlic mash potatoes and seasonal veg which was tender stem broccoli which was under-cooked and found difficulty using a steak knife on the stems! The steak was cooked really well to my liking  which was nice, my parents had a pork chop with prickly pear chutney which seamed not to be on there!!
  For pudding which was nice of my parents to allow me to have, I had Moose Tracks Ice Cream (which is vanilla ice cream, with peanut butter chocolate cups, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce) I did not realise it has peanut butter in it otherwise I would have a lemon cake. It was nice but could have done with out the peanut butter!!
We also had a burger for lunch before leaving Zion which was your standard American burger, which was okay.

Night 4 & 5 – Night's In

 After having two night out, my parents being tired, decided to have a couple of nights in at our rental apartment,  the first one was steak again with a massive garlic bread! Then for pudding Turtle Pie (Chocolate cookie base, cream cheese filling with piped cream, pecans and chocolate sauce). It was lovely! I would love to cook it myself!!
The second night in was pizza and the second slice of Turtle Pie as it came in a box of 2!!

Night 5 – Lunch Out

For my last day, I had lunch at the Springs Reverse which was a Chicken Burger with Avocado and Bacon (somewhat similar to my GBK burger!) It was really nice expect for being really windy! The fries were good to as they had there skins on. This was the last meal with my parents on hoilday as they were going on to Bryce and leaving me at the airport with a packed tea!
I had not a lot to eat at the airport, as I had a packed tea, but managed a small chocolate bar, water and a Smores frapinco (from Starbucks) which was delicious before boarding my flight

Night 6 – Food on Flight

I have had a weird selection of food on flights, this time I knew I would get some nice food, with BA I flew Club World (next up from economy), So I knew that I was not going to be disappointed with the selection which was good even though I was not that hungry. I even bought some sweets in the duty free before flying!
 I do enjoy American food, we can get the same food freely in the UK at a lot higher prices, but was nice to try things that we always not get at home. Thanks for reading don't forgot to comment :)

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