Thursday, 3 December 2015

Other - Blogmas - Day 2 & 3

Hi guys this is day 2 & 3 of my sort of Blogmas, enjoy :)

Day Two - December 2nd

Food shopping can be enjoying with the pressure to buy Mince Pies, Turkeys and all the trimmings. I do like to buy my food in bits and pieces. I also look out for special foodies items that I might only have a this time of year so hence the bill at the supertanker going up, which confuses the checkout assistant when you squeeze so much in a small basket!

So Anyways I bought a couple of items that I thought I would try over the festive period

Baileys Chocolat Luxe 50cl rrp £18 (I paid £15)

I love the limited edition design of the bottle, it looks really tempting. I'm really keen to start drinking this, maybe over some ice cream or just as a plain shot. 

Have any of you guys tried this yet, I'm keen to see what you think!

Day Three - December 3rd

It has been dark today, I suppose to impose the wonder of the temperatures outside getting colder, which in turn is the  perfect time for Christmas flavoured Tea's. I always buy a spice winter tea around this year whether it's a fruity one or a tea blended one. This year I'm trying from last year - Whittards Festive Chai Black Tea
 As soon I opened the box, I got the smell of spice and vanilla, which was nice. Once in the cup with milk, the spices seemed to disappear, maybe not enough milk! It had a nice rounded Chai taste, but not overall of spice. Overall a nice tea, will be drinking this all the time up to the big day. 

Any special teas that you guys drink at this time of year any recommendations to try would be lovely

Hope you enjoyed this post, till next time 

Nic xx


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