Friday, July 22, 2016

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Weekly Favourites July 13th-20th

I thought as I would be adding Lifestyle posts to this blog now as well as food and health, I would start adding back the feature I tried by adding weekly favourites to this blog as well as positives to it!

Favourite Product

  My favourite product well, it was my late 29th Birthday present to myself, as I was not still the mind set of a newly confused Diabetic. It's a dancing Groot from the Film Marvels Guradins of the Galaxy from Pop!. I love it his head moves!! I have wanted this one for ages, I do plan to buy a few more including Chekov, Legoglas, the 10th & 11th Doctor!

I also bough the Tsum Tsum versions of BB-8 and Groot

Favourite Food(s) 

Since my diagnois, I have found that food is what a certain trial and error, of what sends my blood sugar high and what does not. I have yet to try cakes yet or American style pancakes. Once I have started to develop my recipes again, I might have more favourites.

Favourite TV program

I have been re-watching the Second season of Arrow, whist on sick leave, although the summer selection of TV Programs is not that great at the moment.

I also have been watching The Musketeers on a Saturday - so sad that it's the last series. Series 3 has been good so far

Favourite Music

I love Red Hot Chilli Peppers performance at T in the Park that was on BBC 4 last Sunday; it was great to see a live (ish) performance from them! I have not listened to the new album in full yet, but from what I have read the reviews it looks pretty good.

Favourite Blogs 

I have read a lot of blogs since my diagnoses, I have so far enjoyed a lot of them, I can't pick out a favourite at the moment!


  1. I have had relative Good Blood Sugars this week which has made my DSN (Diabetic Specialist Nurse) happy which is making me more confident. Although I'm still not happy about doing exercise! 
  2. I have managed to keep myself busy, I think that is a good coping method. Although sometimes I just want to sit down and relax and eat a whole packet crisps (that would send my BS up!), it distracts me enough not be hungry all the time to reach the snacks.  
Thanks for reading 

Nic x


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