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Weekly Favourites

 Hi guys I thought I would round all the things foodie (and non foodie)  that are making me happy or have caught my eye


One blog that has caught my attention with these lovely Spiced Plum Muffins Is Wrapped in Newspaper - Run by Veronica and  Amy (who I know in person, through Church group, Primary School and University) have created this vegan friendly blog which has already one them an award for Peta Vegan Bake off for this creation. I'm personally not a great fan of vegan food, as I'm a meat eater and have been for a while, it was quite refreshing to see another take on baking without it. Another recipe that caught my eye was this spiced fruit porridge which is perfect for the oncoming winter, will def try this So go and check out the their blog


foods have been on my radar, now the weather has changed, so it’s in with cooking apples, pears, blackberries and pumpkin. I have missed the opportunity to cook with these, but hopefully as we are now into November, I get to make a couple of recipes with these!

 Non Food

 I have recently done a lot of travelling to Dorset and London. With my camera I have been practising my animal and landscape photography I will share with you, one I have taken recently  

Hope you enjoy this round - up and the photographs. Till I update again 

Nic xx 

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