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Blogmas - December 12th 

  Girl Guide Christmas Fare

I was supposed to post about the Fare that the Girl Guides that I'm a Unit Helper at do each year, raising money for charity. Unfortunately to the bad weather, the fare was canceled as it was unsafe to drive up to the Hut were we have our meetings, so I will post about the amazing work that Girl Guiding does for Girls across the UK and across the world with our Sisters involved in WAGGS. 

For those who don't know about blogging and working, I'm a Unit Helper for a Guide Guide Unit in my home town, which I do almost every week during term time. I have helped as a Unit helper for 7 years - in 2015 I got my 5 Years of Service Award

Girl Guiding is a charity that helps young women from the age of 5 - 65 to empower each other in any skills that are needed in the modern world as well as have fun. I have been involved in Guiding a long time since I was 5, so I know what it can do for you as well as making your CV look impressive, you meet friends for life, camp under the stars and help others which to me is more important in a society that seems to ignore other people esp. the young people. 

I have had people over the years ask why do you volunteer for a female organisation, the reason is that it challenges me to improve myself and do something for others than yourself. 

So I would say if you have a couple of evenings free a week it would be good to go and help a unit that needs volunteers as there are lots of girls who are keen to start that are on a waiting list.

If my post has made you interested in finding out more - find out more on the Girl Guiding web site

Nic xx 

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