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Blogmas - 2nd December

December List 

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I have many things on my list to do over December to do
  1.  Relax - I'm so stressed in December about the holiday period, even though all I have to do is not to worry I still worry a lot - having a hot bath with some bubble bath might be the trick
  2. Have some Christmas food - I used to love eating Christmas sweets every day in the run up to Christmas or buying mine pies in the run up to the big day since I have to Carb count everything this is proving harder to manage, but hopefully, I will this year
  3. Brace the Christmas music - Work started to play the Christmas music two weeks ago, once December has actually started then I can enjoy the music
  4. Make my Christmas cards - I made Christmas cards for my family last year, I will be doing this again.
  5. Wrap presents - This takes ages, I'm doing this in two parts as I'm doing my parents ones first then my brothers family as I'm not seeing them till after Christmas so less stress
  6. Have fun - Enjoy the holidays and don't get upset by others silly opinions - I had a massive row with my Sister-in-law last year, then got treated like a child, so some time to enjoy the time without have fights would be helpful

So what's on your December list to make the festive time stress free?

Nic xx 

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