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Blogmas - December 21st 

Last-Minute Preparations 

 Today apart from the shortest day of the year is only 4 days left till Christmas Day, which means getting the last things prepared for the big day.
 For me that means making sure I have all my gifts purchased, all the cards are written, and all the shopping done, so that the holiday period can just be me relaxing and not have a massive stress that I have forgotten a present for that friend that you meet before Christmas and has bought you a gift. 

So what are the last-minute gifts that I get, usually it's the beer or alcohol sets as the shops tend to reduce the gifts in the last few days before the big day to get you to buy them! I also buy the breakfast for myself on Christmas Eve morning and any else that I have forgotten to get like pigs in blankets which seem to have gone up in price each year.

 I also like the idea of making home-made gifts is also a good idea, for example, cheese & sweet biscuits, flavoured spirits, fudge or bark. Do you any last-minute preparations that you do before Christmas?

What are your last-minute preparations that you have before the big day?

Nic xx 

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