Other - Blogmas Day 8 - Working in Retail at Christmas

Blogmas - December 8th 

Working retail at Christmas 

This year is my second year working in retail, in a job that I don't enjoy tbh as I'm over quailed on paper, I have a degree in Computing I should be coding or providing assistance to the next generation of computing. As the government recently said that IT education was patchy even at 16 I knew that my education was patchy, thankfully I got to university to complete a degree. 

So I have lost my way or I have the government to blame. 

The downfall of working in retail is low pay, low hours, Christmas music playing all the time and glitter, fake snow and pine needles everywhere. I just hope that I can finally get a job whether I'm not just treated as a number. 

Sorry for two posts that are very sad but I need to share how I feel.

Nic xx 

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