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Blogmas Day 2

December List 

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I have many things on my list to do over December to do, so here is this years list of things to do
  1. Just Chill out more - I'm getting more pre-prepared this year, so enjoy more time relaxing, as I will be working more this year and have those early mornings of regret
  2. Don't panic about Christmas - I have a massive panic about everything what to go get for everybody, a lot of it is last minute like food gifts, so not to panic as money is tight as I'm saving more a holiday.
  3. Don't worry about others think - I have strong opinions so don't let them spoil the holidays
  4. Make my Christmas cards - I made Christmas cards for my family last year, I will be doing this again.
  5. Pace myself  - I have always lots to do, so don't rush!
  6. Have fun! - It's the holidays, have fun 
So what's on your December list this year to make Christmas less stressful?

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