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Blogmas Day 3

Christmas Candles

Over the years I have collected many festive scents in candle form

Here is my favourites from diffident brands

- Christmas Cookie - Yankee Candle - Love this sweet cookie smell
- Crackling Wood Fire - Yankee Candle - I love this scent it reminds me of campfire
Cinnamon Stick -  Yankee Candle - I love this smell, great any time of year
- Gingerbread - Work & Yankee Candle - Love the smell of Gingerbread
- Magical Christmas Tree - Work - Last years from work smells like a real pine tree.

Fragrances I want to try 


  • Vanilla Sugar Cookies - It smells sweet like cookies similar to the Yankee one

Yankee Candle

  • Frosted Fir - These are the platform base one and it sounds amazing - A winter walk on a frozen path beneath crisp pine needle, balsam and a hint of winter citrus, it sounds like hunting for a Christmas tree like we did when I was tiny in Denmark
  • Frosty Gingerbread - Sounds like the previous gingerbread fragrance, but an updated version - Gingerbread freshly frosted—a holiday delight that fills any room with welcome and warmth.
  • Glittering Star - Sounds interesting -A shimmering fragrance that gives sandalwood a sparkle with sugar plum and ginger.
  • Icy Blue Spruce - Sounds like the top one - A fresh breath of winter forest—juniper berries, blue spruce, spearmint leaves.
  • Winter Wonderland  -Sounds like a traditional winter fragrance - A dazzling winter mix of champagne and citrus, vanilla and silver balsam.

What are your favourite Christmas candle scents and which ones do you want to try?

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Nic xx 

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