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November Haul

Hi, guys, I thought I would post about the things I have bought this month


I went to get some Lavender Shower Gel to help me calm and sleep, I also came away with these as well 
Spiced Orange Yankee Candle - £8.50
Radox Shower Gel - £1, Simple Tissue Masks - £1.99 each, Lavender Essential oil roll-on - £4.99
Hufflepuff Eye pallet £12.50 & Hufflepuff Bath Bomb - £5.00
I have been looking for these and finally, they had them!


I finally got my badge from summer camp, Big Gig and one for the remembrance sleepover I did.


I got lured back to Primark again, I spend a little bit more this time  

PJ Set - £14.00
I love this set, it also comes in a trunk, with socks too! 
Pin Badges - £3.00
Another thing that has taken ages to come, but finally the spell, house animal, potion and uniform with a mini badger on the uniform

Socks- £2.00 & Hedwig Slipper Socks - £4.00
Love these sock cute
Harry Glasses Bag - £4.00 
I thought this bag would be useful to put any medication in as it would fit my Basal Insulin Pens
House Cushion - £4.00
Finally a Hufflepuff cushion this design has been all over Instagram I got it finally!!
 Floral Letter Shopper - £2.00
Love this design of the floral N
  Polar Bear Socks - £2.00
Love these so cute
Gingerbread Man Tea light holder - £1.50 
Love the design this will nicely with my Yankee candle Gingerbread accessories I have all ready


Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Christmas Set - £5.00
 This set comes with two Candles (Sparking Evening Star & Magical Moments) and holder
  Dumbledore & Harry Funko Pop! Keyring - £4.00 each

The Body Shop

  I had a look at the Body Shops Christmas range whilst waiting for an appointment and got these

Tea Tree Toner - £6.50
Vanilla Marshmallow Shower Gel - £5.00
Peppermint Candy Mini Body Butter - £6.00

The National History Museum @ Tring

 Magnet £3 & Postcard £1
I got this lovely magnet and postcard from a recent visit, to see the Wildlife Photographer of the year highlights exhibition, we also got a book of the photographs in the exhibition to which I'm sharing with my parents  


Gingerbread & Vanilla Sugar Cookie Candles - £0.59 each

What have you bought this month, foodie or not?

Nic xx 

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