Review - Subscription Box - Graze Box #4

Review - Subscription Box - Graze Box #4

Hi, guys, another subscription box review, it's Graze Box

Hi, guys, another subscription box review, it's Graze Box, I liked my first box, so here is the 4th box I received

The snacks I got in the box where:

Coco Paradise

(Belgian Milk Chocolate Drops, Coconut Flakes & Dried Cranberries) 

- 14g Carbs per 28g Punnet
I found this one a strange mix of chocolate, coconut and cranberries, it would be better if it had different types of chocolate goodies like cookies or fudge or similar, the coconut & cranberries just seem lost and are overpowered by the chocolate

Super Kale & Edamame

(Kale Chips, Edamame Beans, Chia Seeds Cashew Butter & Twist of Lime)

- 4.6 g Carbs per 24g Punnet
Punnet I was not overly keen on this as the kale chips tasted of nothing, the nut butter was not nice on them. I think the edamame beans were okay, the lime was quite strong for me.  

Brilliant Banana Bread
(Soft Banana Bread with dates and hazelnuts, paired with our unique afternoon infusion tea)

7.1g Carb per 16g punnet
I liked this a lot, not to over banana flavour or fake banana flavour either. The tea was nice but could have been a bit stronger as I brew it stronger.

Belgian Speculoos & Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks

(Crunchy Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks with a Creamy Belgian Speculoos Cookie Dip)

- 19g Carb per 30g Punnet

I found this strange but not too sweet, which was nice the dip was okay like biscuit spread

I liked this selection of snacks that I received, so I’m keeping this box 

 If you would like a box with your 1st, 5th & 10th Box Free – the discount code is: FY2Q9YXQB

*Disclaimer - I paid for the subscription box out of my own money I was not sent this for review*

Nic xx 

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