Other - March 2020 Haul

March 2020 Haul

Hi, guys, I thought I would post about the things I have bought last month, most of this was bought before the lockdown


I have been ill (not Covid-19!) so I went to get some vitamins, I also got this
 Face Mask - 3.99


I went in for a look, I got this

Candle - £2.79


I went in for a look after having a blood test

Travel Pillow - £3.00 (reduced from £6)
Socks - £3.50

Face Masks - £2 each
Sponge - £0.50p

Mug - £6

Pen - £1.50

T-Shirts - £2.00 & £2.50 (this one I will have to return once this virus is over, it has a hole in it :( )


I got these whist getting my infrequent shop 
Felt Flowers - £2


I went in to get some cleaning wipes for my glasses 

 Orangisner - £0.50p


 I got these on the way home from work to cheer myself in this hard time

 Hot Cross Bun Candle - £2.99

Raspberry Tea Lights - £0.79

Hanging Carrots - £0.79 

Felt Stickers - £0.79 

*Disclaimer- I'm not showing off, I'm just sharing what I have bought this month, I'm also NOT sponsored by my work to show products, these are all bought with my own money*

Nic xx 

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