Other - May 2020 Haul

May 2020 Haul

Hi, guys, I thought I would post about the things I have bought last month, this has all been bought in lockdown

Hobby Craft

 I have been looking for card blanks for crafting, I managed to get them plus these as well

 Food Colouring - £2.85 each
Really Useful Box - £4.00

I have been having problems with my George Forman Grill so treated myself to one of these
Microwave Grill - £34.99


 I got these on the way home from work to cheer myself in this hard time
Candles - £0.59 each
Candles - £0.99 each

This has been a short haul this month, as I have not done much shopping

*Disclaimer- I'm not showing off, I'm just sharing what I have bought this month, I'm also NOT sponsored by my work to show products, these are all bought with my own money*

Nic xx