Review - Subscription Box - Graze Box #38

Review - Subscription Box - Graze Box #38

Hi everyone, another subscription box review, it's Graze Box

I liked my first box, so here is the 38th box I received

The snacks I got in the box where:

Coffee Walnut Cake 

(Walnuts, Chilean Raisins & Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans)

– 14g Carb per 35g Punnet
I like this one too, the coffee beans were not as strong as I thought.

Cocoa Cookies & Tea

(Cocoa cookies with Tea)

– 14g Carb per 24g Punnet

A new one to me, these were nice

Cinnamon Banana Energiser

(Chewy Banana Coins, Honey Cinnamon Almonds, Raisins and Pecans)

- 18g Carbs per 32g Punnet
Had this one before, it was nice

Original Protein Flapjack

(Rolled Oat Flapjack with Linseeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Soy Protein)

– 27g Carb per 54g Punnet
Happy to have this one again, really nice

Sorry no pictures of the box :( I eat them so quicly I forgot to photograph it :(

I liked this selection of snacks that I received, so I’m keeping this box

 If you would like a box with your 1st, 5th & 10th Box Free – the discount code is: FY2Q9YXQB

*Disclaimer - I paid for the subscription box out of my own money I was not sent this for review*

Nic xx 

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