Review - Subscription Boxes - Buddy Box July 2020

  The Blurt Foundation Buddy Box  - July 2020 Box

Hi everyone, another subscription box review for July this time its a new box which is The Blurt Foundations Buddy Box

I have decided to treat myself to The Blurt Foundation  Buddy Box which is a selection of treats and motivation items when we all need a little pick me up when it all gets too much

I have had one of these boxes before back in August 2016 which was a couple of months after my Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, I was really feeling really low, I had just been diagnosed with a long term health condition and my mental health suffered

I was really close to self-harming myself and was thinking dark thoughts of why I am here, but I had to remember I had supportive parents and lovely young nephews 

This box came at the right time, I now needed this box again as we are in a pandemic when my mental health has gone a little bit down again. I needed cheering up this box is perfect for that 

The box is £21.50 for a single box, you can also get a subscription for £221.95 for 12 months, £118.95 for 6 months and £61.95 for 3 months for full boxes. There are also lite options which only have  3 products they are £12.00 per month

The BuddyBoxes contains at least 5 products hand-picked to nourish, inspire and encourage self-care.

This months theme in Invest in Rest
The items inside the box are:

Candle Holder and Candle from - A Danish Home and decor company, I love Danish design a lot of my flat has stuff from holidays like Sweedish horses so this is def going in my Longue, as it's so pretty the flower design is lovely :)

Soap from Soakk - Love the lemony scent perfect for the guest bathroom

Cards - I like this idea for some cards to remind you why self-care is so important.

Lavender Temple Oil  from scentered - I have essential oils, which I use plus resue remedy, so if this different it might be different to try
Naked Planner Cards - Great idea for planning your day
 The Box wrap - The Box wrap is a door hanger, these tend to fall of so I will not cut it out
 Postcard - I love this an insta worth sharing postcard
 Blurt mini Magzine - A little magazine which I quickly read, it was about mindfulness, it was okay
The full box of items

 I really enjoyed this box, I thought the items were good, a lavender pilled pillow would have been great, or some tea.

Have you had a buddy box before, let me know in the comments :)

*Disclaimer - I bought this box myself - I was not paid for this review*

Nic xx 

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