Other - August 2020 Haul

August 2020 Haul

Hi, guys, I thought I would post about the things I have bought last month, this has all been bought in lockdown, which is started to be lifted, in my opinion, is wrong to be lifted so early

Girl Guiding

Badges - £3.09 for both
 Badge - £0.80p

Badges (I ordered these last month, so they have taken their time to come)
 £2.00 & £2.50 (the last one birthday)


I went in to return an item
Planter - £3.00 

Old Sherborne Castle

I visited during a hoilday in Dorset (blog post coming soon) and got these on the way out

Guide Book - £4 & Fridge Magent - £3.75


Went in for a look
Socks - £2.50
Pen - £2
Sign - £2


 I got these on the way home from work to cheer myself in this hard time

Wax melts - £0.89 each 

This is a sort of normal haul, as I have now tried to go to normal shops wearing a face covering which some people don't seem to be doing :(. 

Note to add my work, face masks are not mandatory for staff which is silly in my view, as to go home I have to wear one, but on the shop floor or the till I don't have to wear one! Double standards I think! So I don't feel safe working at the moment, so any positive thoughts coming my way would be great.

*Disclaimer- I'm not showing off, I'm just sharing what I have bought this month, I'm also NOT sponsored by my work to show products, these are all bought with my own money*

Nic xx 

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