Other - June & Birthday 2021 Haul

June & Birthday 2021 Haul

Hi, guys, I thought I would post about the things I have bought last month, now that shops have opened, with some online shopping to as well, I'm also sharing what I got for my birthday as well :)


Went in after picking my prescription, then had to go back as they over charged me on some flowers 

Face Mask - £1.99

 Pecorama (Beer Light Railway)

I went to the miniature railway on holiday, I got these in the gift shop 
Guide Books - £4.50 & £2.00
Keyring -£1.99
 Postcards - 10p each


I treated to these on the day after my birthday 
 Keyrings - 99p & £9.99
Mystery Cube - £19.99
Purse - £9.99


I put these in with my supermarket shop
Plant - £3
Candle - £5 
Trousers - £12


I went to Stourhead on hoilday, I got these in the gift shop 
 Postcards - 60p
Sew on Badge - £3.00 


Got this on with way home from work
 Candles - £0.59
Face Packs - £0.69
 Face Packs - £0.89
Sponges - £0.99 & £0.69
Lolly Moulds - £0.99

Birthday Presents

 From my parents
Blue - Ray DVD

from my brother & family


* Disclaimer - 
I bought these following the current covid rules of wearing a face covering & social distancing - which some people still don't do
I'm not showing off, I'm just sharing what I have bought this month, I'm also NOT sponsored by my work to show products, these are all bought with my own money*

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