Friday, July 15, 2016

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Catch Up

Hi guys this is my first post on the newly re-named Nic's adventurers!!!

I have not baked since before Easter, as life has taken a very unpredictable turn for me, I got a new job working the High Wycombe branch of Home Bargains in April.

Then the big black cloud came, to disturb my fun

The black cloud was Type 1 diabetes, come to spoil my fun, ruin my life, ruin this blog, ruin my relationships  and making me very cauisos in what I eat, so out came of all the ideas that I had for this blog, deleted and gone. I even though of deleting this blog and not bothering to blog about Food & Baking as half for my creations had more 50g of carbs due to the fact it was sweet baking. 

But reading other blogs of type 1's certainly helped and I worked out that, it does not stop me at any cost I still can bake, sweet things just have to include them into the carbs i eat, that was a relaive for certain. 

For now at least I'm mostly in control of my Blood Sugars, apart from the odd one or two high (Hypers) and not to many (Hypo's) at the moment!

If you have any questions for me, email me or follow my journey

Nic xx

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