Friday, 22 July 2016

Travel - Weymouth - Part 1

Travel - Weymouth 

 This is the first travel entry I have done on the blog - well since my food review of Las Vegas! So this is a sort of review of my few days in Weymouth 

 I'm very lucky that my parents have a holiday home in Weymouth, Dorset. 
Which we visit about once or twice a month depending on how busy we are, and of course how my moods are! I normally spend a lot of the time on my own they’re going around the places to visit as my parents seem to like doing the house work or as I say over doing the housework!

 My first stop of on the way into town is going through the Radipole Park Gardens, as it only 5 minutes from the house, and is a lovely walk into town, although at the end of the gardens you do reach an out of town shopping centre! The flowers in the gardens are lovely and are out in bloom right now. 

My next stop after the gardens is to cross the road, and walk past the RSBP Radopole Lake to catch a site of any rarer birds or at this time of year families of Swans before the cygnets get past there fluffy baby stages! 

After viewing some of the Bird life by the lake and the Marina, with all the expensive boats! I head into the town centre towards the beach, to mainly look at some of the shops like Salt Rock, Animal and Weird Fish for their surf stuff including Hoodies and Jewellery. I like surf shops as they are quite unique to the coastal regions in the south west, plus there jumpers are really warm! 

Then I have a quick look at some of the main high street shops and some of the tourist shops selling rock and fudge which I cannot eat now (although I would have to have higher dosage to compensate!) 

I also have a look in the local book shop which has the local newspaper for me to read later. 

Then I head to one of my favourite coffee shops in Weymouth The Curve – it’s right behind Marks & Spenser so not that far from the beach! I normally order a coffee or a pot of tea and a small cake – come on we have to have snacks or treats once in a while. I love the view to the beach and the food is really good, this is my first time there since diagnosis so it was a good success! 

After some refreshment I have a stroll up the beach, to the rocky bits of the beach, towards the Clock Tower,  then I walk down to Green Hill Gardens which has a lovely view out to sea, after going through Green Hill gardens, it’s back to my parents holiday home for a rest as it was a hot day I went out! 

The next day we plan to do a bit more exploring of the tourist places, which we decide to go to the Jordan Hill Temple and Fort which is a bit smaller than we thought! There is also a good view towards the White Horse. The top has a nice view back up the coast!

Then back down the hill towards the beach for a bit of fresh air!!

Yes that is me!!

 The next day it decided to rain a little so we could not go out a lot, but before going home we had dinner at the local Beefeater, not really a local restaurant, I find chains are good for knowing your carb intake, but it's the same thing and when you have been there three times in the space of 3 months it gets a little boring! 

I have been geeting used to ordering starters, so when a low carb pudding comes on the menu, it's smiles all round for me. So I had the Surf and Turf, the prawns were a little bit weird in taste, but the steak was good. It was time for the pudding! The Chocolate melt in the middle only had 52g carbs yeah! So it was a share between me and my mum!

So that was my trip to Weymouth! It was a good one and probably my last one before I'm dragged back to work kicking and screaming! 

Hope you have enjoyed this post

Nic xx


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