About Me

About Me

Me standing by Ankor Watt in Cambodia in a white top, hat and Girl Guiding Necker
Me at Angkor Watt

Hi there, I'm Nic and welcome to my blog :)

I have now been blogging 8 years, I initially started wanting to show my bakes that I made during the time The Bake of was on the BBC. 

Then hit Type 1 Diabetes, so the baking stopped, low carbohydrate recipes came along, with some lifestyle posts and travel posts, then focusing on travel blogging as I had a few issues with food blogging

I also have autism with language and social difficulties with diabetes is interesting!

Apart from blogging, I also like horses, movies, museums, and flowers. I used also volunteer for Girl Guiding but have not returned since the Covid Pandemic

If you want to work with me or just want to have a chat please use my contact page

Nic xx