Other - Blogmas Day 25 - Happy Christmas

Blogmas - December 25th

Happy Christmas

  Happy Christmas to all my followers, hope you have a great Christmas and a great New Year.

I will be posting again in the new year. 

Nic xx 

Other - Blogmas Day 24 - 2018 Resolutions (Goals)

Blogmas - December 24th

  2018 Resolutions (Goals)

Happy Christmas Eve to you all, I'm having a last-minute panic, but as the year ends I'm thinking ahead to 2018 and the goals I want to achieve this coming year

Other - Blogmas Day 23 - Christmas Music

Blogmas - December 23rd 

Christmas Music

I love Christmas music at this time of year, so I would share a couple that I like

Other - Blogmas Day 22 - Christmas Spiced Porridge

Blogmas - December 22nd

  Christmas Spiced Porridge

This year I have had to learn how to make my food somewhat low carb but enjoying at the same time, so with the holidays in 3 days and the fact I'm still working to get my day started I make a festive change to my breakfast

Preparation Time: 2 ½ minutes
Cooking Time: 2 ½ minutes
Total: 5  minutes

Serves: 1 person

Other - Blogmas Day 21 - Last Mintue Preperations

Blogmas - December 21st 

Last-Minute Preparations 

 Today apart from the shortest day of the year is only 4 days left till Christmas Day, which means getting the last things prepared for the big day.

Other - Blogmas Day 20 - 2017 Refelctions

Blogmas - December 20th

2017 Reflections 

Travel - Blogmas Day 19 - Hughenden Manor at Christmas

Blogmas - December 19th 

  Christmas at Hughenden Manor

Another trip to a national trust property to see their Christmas display this time it's Hughenden Manor which is only a couple of minutes away from my flat. The theme this year was Alice in Wonderland

Other - Blogmas Day 18 - Christmas Panto's & Shows

Blogmas - December 18th 

  Christmas Panto's & Shows

Tonight I got to go to a local showing of The Adventures of Pinocchio

Other - Blogmas Day 17 - My Tree

Blogmas - December 17th 

My Christmas Tree

Today I finally put up my tree at my flat, so here it is


Other - Blogmas Day 15 - Christmas Jumper Day

Blogmas - December 15th 

  Christmas Jumper Day

Today is Christmas Jumper day for Save the Children

Food - Blogmas Day 16 - Bubble & Squeak

Blogmas - December 16th  

Bubble & Squeak

A food post! What happens with all the leftovers from the Christmas day, the food waste bin, no they can be made into Bubble & Squeak. The first time I had this was last year after my brothers family came to my parents and hardly eat anything (So annoying!) so instead of eating it cold me & mum made this! This could be served as lunch, brunch or supper.
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Total: 30 minutes

Serves: 1 person

Other - Blogmas Day 14 - Christmas Buy's

Blogmas - December 14th 

Christmas Buy's 

Today's post was supposed to be making soup, but the snow we had threw me a bit, so instead I will post about the Christmas things I have purchased

Other - Blogmas Day 13 - St Lucia's Day

Blogmas - December 13th 

  St Lucia's Day

Today is a rarer unusual saint’s day that is not really celebrated in the UK all that often but is in Scandinavia

Other - Blogmas Day 12 - Girl Guide Christmas Fare

Blogmas - December 12th 

  Girl Guide Christmas Fare

Other - Blogmas Day 11 - Favourite Christmas Movies

Blogmas - December 11th 

Favourite Christmas Movies

Image result for christmas movies

  I have a few movies that I watch over the Christmas period.

Other - Blogmas Day 9 - Making My Own Christmas Cards

Blogmas - December 9th 

  Making Christmas Cards

The last two years I have chosen to make my Christmas cards to my close family. I have chosen 2 designs.
I will show you how to make each Design 

Other Blogmas - Day 10 - Surving a Snow Day

Blogmas - December 10th 

  Surviving A Snow Day

Review - Subscription Boxes - Flamingo Candles: The Melt Crowd Box December 2017 & Discount Code

  Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd - December Box - Review

  Hi everyone, another subscription box review for December
This time it’s Flamingo Candles - The Melt Crowd Box

Other - Blogmas Day 8 - Working in Retail at Christmas

Blogmas - December 8th 

Working retail at Christmas 

Other - Blogmas Day 7 - Favourite Christmas Foods

Blogmas - December 7th 

Favourite Christmas Foods

  Image result for christmas food

I was supposed to make my cards today but I got distracted!

Other - Blogmas Day 6 - Having the Christmas Blues

Blogmas - December 6th 

Christmas Blues

Travel - Blogmas Day 5 - Christmas at Stourhead, Thomas Hardys Homes & Hinton Ampner

Blogmas Day 5 - December 5th

This weekend I have a long weekend at my parents’ house in Weymouth, this year we went to 3 National Trust properties, that each had Christmas displays

 Southside of Hinton Ampner

Other - Blogmas - Day 4 - Christmas Markets

Blogmas - December 4th 

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets have become one of these Christmas things that everybody does, I have not done a lot of these, but these ones I have seen I would like to go to

Other - Blogmas Day 3 - Gifts for Foodie's

Blogmas - December 3rd

Christmas Gifts for Foodies

I Struggle for gifts for people like myself that are food blogger, so here is a list of ones that have caught my eye

Image from getty

Other - Blogmas - Day 2 - December List

Blogmas - 2nd December

December List 

(Image from Google)
I have many things on my list to do over December to do
  1.  Relax - I'm so stressed in December about the holiday period, even though all I have to do is not to worry I still worry a lot - having a hot bath with some bubble bath might be the trick
  2. Have some Christmas food - I used to love eating Christmas sweets every day in the run up to Christmas or buying mine pies in the run up to the big day since I have to Carb count everything this is proving harder to manage, but hopefully, I will this year
  3. Brace the Christmas music - Work started to play the Christmas music two weeks ago, once December has actually started then I can enjoy the music
  4. Make my Christmas cards - I made Christmas cards for my family last year, I will be doing this again.
  5. Wrap presents - This takes ages, I'm doing this in two parts as I'm doing my parents ones first then my brothers family as I'm not seeing them till after Christmas so less stress
  6. Have fun - Enjoy the holidays and don't get upset by others silly opinions - I had a massive row with my Sister-in-law last year, then got treated like a child, so some time to enjoy the time without have fights would be helpful

So what's on your December list to make the festive time stress free?

Nic xx 

Other - Blogmas - Day 1 - Blogmas Again!

Blogmas Day 1 - December 1st 

Blogmas Again!

(Image from Getty) 

Hi guys, I'm back doing Blogmas, it was quite stressful when I did it 2 years ago so I thought I would have enough go to see how it goes! This time it will be a mixture of not just food photo's but lifestyle posts as well, hopefully, some cooking

Nic xx