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Travel - Top Safari Holiday Tips

 Travel - Top Safari Holiday Tips

Masi Girafee

I have been on a couple of holidays where I have spotted wildlife here are my top tips for going on a safari holiday.

Travel - Top 5 Tips for going to gigs and concerts

Travel - Top 5 Tips for going to gigs and concerts.

Going to a Gig or concert is one experience that I enjoy, seeing a band, artist or can be an experience to treasure for a lifetime, but at the same time it can be stressful, here are my 5 top tips for going to a gig or concert.


Travel - Favourite UK Cities (Guest Post)

Favourite UK Cities (Guest Post)

Picture of  Tower Bridge in London, on a bright sunny day with blue sky and Canary Warf in  the background
Tower Bridge in London

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well, I have a guest post from the lovely Across the Planes, on there Favourite UK Cities

Travel - How to plan your next adventure

How to plan your next adventure

Flatlay of a world map, with two DSRL cameras, 2 polaroad photos, string lights with light bulbs, sunglasses, a mug and a black passport
Photo by Charlotte Noelle on Unsplash

Planning your next holiday or day trip can be quite stressful, esp. for me, most of the time I use the following tips.

Travel - 5 Places to visit in York

 5 Places to visit in York

Mallard on the famous trains on display at the National Railway Musuem in York, with its bright blue engine, parked under a bridge in the museum, with a brown carriage at the back

A couple of years ago I did a series on things to see in different places, I did not quite finish it, so here is finally the 3rd post in the series of 5 places to visit in certain places in the UK for a staycation, first being Coventry in the West Midlands, the second a guest post by Envirolineblog about   Bournemouth in Dorset, so here is the third post about York

Other - 8 Things I have learned from blogging

8 Things I have learnt from blogging

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Blogging can have its challenges, as I found out for the past few years, I was looking back through my Insta archive and realised I had been blogging for 8 years! So I wanted to do a post celebrating my 8 years of this blog and its various names and the lessons I have learnt from it, which I have never done

Travel - Destinations Show

Destinations Show

Show planner

 Travelling can be fun, but we all need a little inspiration, so going to a travel show, to get brochures, buy a travel destination book or listen to a speaker giving a talk on a destination can be great, recently I went to the Times Destinations Show in London.