Other - Mod Update

 Mod Update

I have recently been sharing my recipes with the Facebook group Cook Blog Share for 5 years since I started this blog, I'm not longer going to sharing any recipes or food posts on my blog for the foreseeable future as the mod for this week’s linky has message me about copyright issue with the method, for my recently share recipe of Courgette and Ricotta Fritters 

This mod has claimed that I have copy and pasted the recipe and not adapted the method, to suit my needs at all, I 'm very upset by this and have not yet had the courage to reply to them at all, recipes are shared in print magazines and the internet and cooked by people sharing it on the insta's and Facebook all time using the same methods and ingredients. 


I'm sorry to write this, but I have no foot to be on at the moment, to argue my case to this mod, without support in my court as the place I have asked for help has agreed with them. I have not been asked to take the post down at all as of yet. I'm glad all of you enjoyed the post and will cook it, but for now my future in blogging is in the balance, so is my career and my Guiding career as copyright can lead to a criminal record, which is not good as I'm due a DBS check soon


Thank you for your support



Travel - 5 places to visit in Bournemouth (Guest Post)

 5 places to visit in Bournemouth (Guest Post)


Hi everyone, hope you are doing well, I have a guest post from the lovely Caroline from Enviroline Blog about her 5 places to visit in Bournemouth, which I have not visited, but driven past on the way to Weymouth, many times. This post is the second in the series of 5 places to visit in the UK, for a stay cation, the first being Coventry. 


Travel - 5 Places to visit in Coventry

5 Places to visit in Coventry

With Coventry been the city of culture in this year, I would list my favourite 5 places to visit in the city, this city has many happy childhood memories of visiting my grandparents, also taking my nephews to places to. 

Travel - Sherborne Old Castle

Sherborne Old Castle

View of castle

In August last year during the lock time times, I went to another English Heritage property this time it was Sherborne Old Castle in Dorset whilst on holiday

Health - Is it Okay to Say I'm Just Okay

Is It Okay to say I'm Just Okay

Photo by Dylan Nolte on Unsplash

Hi everyone, a post on mental health, which is a change from me, but a topic that has been on my mind for months 

Travel - Travelling to South East Asia with Girl Guiding Part 1

Travelling to South East Asia with Girl Guiding Part 1

 After much thought took a chance to do my first international with Girl Guiding for a leaders trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in November & December 2019. I'm spiting this in four/five parts over the next few of weeks as it was a lot to write

Other - 2021 Resolutions (Goals)

2021 Resolutions (Goals)

Happy New Year to you all, everyone has new years resolutions, I have been thinking about mine and what I planed last year