Travel - London Bucket List

London Bucket list

I have many places that I would like to visit in our capital city


I have been most of the attractions that are based in London, but these are specific to London that I have yet to visit

Buckingham Place & Royal Mews

I have wanted to go to see inside Buckingham place and then go to the Royal mews to see the horses. I would like to take my mum with me.

V&A Childhood Museum 

  A museum on toys that is free - yes, please! This looks so fun.

Gardening Museum 

  A museum on gardening, a great place to again take my mum to and to see the history of this hobby, plus some lovely plants to

Ice Skating at Somerset House

 I have never been ice skating at Christmas every other time of year, but never in the festive period, if I get to go one year it would be nice.

Tower Bridge & The Monument

  I have walked many times across Tower Bridge but never been in the museum there, you get to walk over the bridge with glass floor. I would also like to climb the 300 steps of the monument to the great fire of London to get great London views

Westminster Abbey

I would like to inside of Westminster Abbey, I have seen it on TV and nearly have had the opportunity to go there before, so it would be lovely to go inside

Up The 02

 I would like to go up The 02, to get rid of my fear of high buildings, plus the views would be amazing

Ham House

 A National Trust property that I would like to visit, it looks beautiful

Churchill Cabinet War Rooms

I would like to visit the cabinet war rooms, to experience what it was like during WW2 and where Churchill was. 


I not been to many restaurants  that are based in London, these are specific to London that I have yet to visit

Hard Rock Cafe

I went to the one in Los Angeles when I was 16, I would like to visit the London one for a lovely lunch

Planet Hollywood

 I would like to visit planet Hollywood for lunch, to see what it's like 

Oxo Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie

Somewhere I would love to go, with such special views!

The Rainforest Cafe

The rainforest, in london, yes please!


I have been most of the shops that are based in London as most of these have stores in most places, but these are specific to London that I have yet to visit

Lego Store

My nephews love Lego, this would be amazing to visit there London Store to see the creations that have been made from the bricks. 

House of MinaLima

I have heard so much about this shop, which the owners did all the artwork on the Harry Potter films, I'm so keen to see them.

Leadenhall Market

This is where the inspiration came from for Diagon Alley - wow, I would like to explore this along with the food stalls
Have anything that in our capital city that is on your bucket list?

*all pictures are from google, or taken by myself*

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Nic xx


  1. I've been to London twice but never been any of these places 😩 I think I'll make my own bucket list for when I eventually go again x

    Toni |

    1. Thanks for your comment :) I go maybe 2 or 3 times a year, and these are always on my list to do each time, and I don't have time or forget and end up going else where. A bucket list of places is a great idea to focus where you want to go :)

  2. Looks amazing! There are some great ideas on here! I’m actually planning a trip to London next month, and this post was very helpful! Thank you!

    1. Thanks :) Glad that I have given you some ideas of places to go :) That's all right have a good trip :)

  3. I love being in London, there is so much to see all the time. I have been to Buckingham Palace a couple of times, it’s beautiful. I would recommend the London Eye on a clear day, it is a beautiful view of London. Thank you for sharing your bucket list.

    Lauren x |

    1. Thanks :) I have seen Buckingham palace from the outside but never gone inside, so it will be fun to see what goes on inside. I went on the London Eye in my early teens so I would hopefully go on it again to see the views.

      That's okay for sharing my bucket list :)

  4. I love London and these places are a great start to seeing the sites!

    Jess |

    1. Me to :) They are great places to start seeing the sites, thanks for your comment :)

  5. I have never been to London, but I can see why you would want to visit all these places. They all look amazing. I hope you are able to visit them all!

    1. Thanks:)It's worth coming to London and the UK, I do hope I get to visit them soon :)

  6. Tower Bridge is so cool - I went there last year and the views are amazing - it feels like you can see the whole city, and the extra little places your ticket gets you into like the museum etc are really interesting! Climbing the o2 is one of the things still on my list after 6 years living in London!

    1. Thanks :) I do hope the views are amazing, I do hope the museum is really good too :) Hopefully you will do the climbing up the 02 to :)