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 Perfume Making & Afternoon Tea

Hi everyone, I went to a perfume making day and afternoon tea, last month

Perfume Making  & Afternoon Tea

For Christmas, I got a perfume making and afternoon tea which me and my mum were sharing. 

It took ages to book it, as life got in the way, so we finally booked for the first weekend in October.

 We booked for the one session in Reading which is a bus ride away

The hotel which the perfume day was the Malmaison which is near the train station and a few minutes’ walk from the bus stop

Once there we were early as the lady was still setting up, so we had a coffee in the on-site Starbucks which was lighter in colour than the rest of the hotel. 

Once we were in the room for the perfume making, there were some other people there, some were friendly others not so much. 

We were offered some processo and water and took our seats at a large table, with cards and some coffee beans in a bag

 Once the lady we started, she explained about how perfume is made with Base, Middle and Top notes.

Then we were handed out the samples of each base woody, balsamic, musky, mossy, gourmand, amber which all had different smells. Between each base, we were encouraged to smell the coffee beans if we got overwhelmed by the smells. I find it hard to smell some of them due to having a cold, which both me and my mum had. In the end, I choose mossy and amber for my base.

For the Middle notes were given Aledehydic, Ozonic (which smelt like the sea), Fresh Floral, Rose Floral, Exotic Floral, Heady Floral, Spicy, Gentle Floral, Neroli & Tonic Sport.

I chose for the middle notes Ozonic, Fresh floral, Spicy and half of Rose Floral

For the Top Notes we had, a choice of Citrus, Green Tea, Fruity, Herbal and Transparent. I found it hard to choose between Green Tea and Herbal but went for Green Tea in the end

We had to write down on the cards our choices and then our details, also a name for our fragrance I choose firelight!

We had a list of perfumes which had the blends of the base, middle and top notes, none of my choices were perfumes that were on the high street. Most of them I like, for example, Marc Jacobs Daisy & Dior Miss Dior were not on the list. We also had gifts set which had some of the base, middle and top like exotic collection, floral collection as Christmas gifts.

As we had to go to the afternoon tea, our blend of fragrance would be made whilst we did this

Then we had an afternoon tea, which was the hotels Mal Afternoon Tea, we had a few bits including a pot of Earl Grey Tea
Smoked Salmon, cucumber and cream Cheese on Dark Rye - loved this really tasty
Slider & Coronation Chicken Wrap with turmeric - the slider was nice, the wrap was okay I could not taste it very well probably due to the cold!
Lemon Meringue Cupcake - was really disappointed with this it just was a plain cupcake with yellow coloured icing with Swiss or Italian meringue, a raspberry and some sprinkles. I expect a lot more from this maybe lemon curd in the middle of the cupcake or a lemon flavoured cupcake then meringue on top.
Salted Caramel banoffee Pie - I liked this one, could taste the banana in this one, although we did not eat it on the day as we were full (it did not survive the trip back home :( )
Chocolate Battenberg slice, dark chocolate mousse, strawberry shake, - I liked the Battenberg slice, the mousse was quite filling, the decoration was really sweet. The Shake was too sweet for me it was like they had added a massive amount of fake strawberries or honey to it.
The plain scone with jam and clotted cream - we had them cold, no butter with them, also the had a weird top! I had to have a tiny bit of jam and a lot of cream. They were nice

Overall for the price that we would have pay if it was not in our package, it was okay, would have liked more savoury options and some carb info would have been useful, the only carb we found was the Battenberg cake. I did estimate about 100g carbs for the Slider, Wrap, Rye Bread, Shake, Cupcake, Mousse and the Scone. Which was clearly not enough as I had a very nice high of 14.3 when I got home!
So after been rarer full and putting the Battenberg and pie in a Tupper wear box, we collected our perfume samples, which was the lady still making up.

We waited a little bit, then collected ours, had a quick smell, thanked the lady and left to catch to the bus, having a quick walk around Reading, which is not to similar to most major big towns.
Once we caught the bus back to mine, it was time for another cup of tea before heading back to my parents for dinner.

Overall I enjoyed my experience, I was overwhelmed the fragrance samples so a break would have helped. we were also pushed to making decisions because of the afternoon tea. I would do it again, but maybe without a cold!

Have you guys been to a perfume making or afternoon tea, did you have a good experience?

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*Disclaimer - I got this experience as a Christmas present from my dad, so he paid for it, the only thing I paid for was my bus ticket. Links to the perfume are the ones I like, I'm not paid for these links*

Nic xx 

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