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Is It Okay to say I'm Just Okay

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Hi everyone, a post on mental health, which is a change from me, but a topic that has been on my mind for months 

This post has had come to mind after something that somebody had said to me whilst on my trip in 2019 in Cambodia after we had visited the Killing Fields and Genocide Museum. 

I was asked how I was feeling after visiting such a place of sadness, sorrow and death, but also hope for the future. I said I was okay, that did not sit too well, with the person that asked me the question, then I answered fine before that was quashed as an answer before massively have a brain think the cogs going round to find the words to say. 

I almost felt like when somebody tells you off for being naughty at school, just for saying I was okay or fine when you visit a place like the Genocide museum that you can't put into words your feelings

I eventually stumbled out with something, along the lines of just okay, then went to the bathroom for 5 minutes to nearly loose my cool, before calming down. Lets state to say we did not have much to say to each other after that, which became awkward as we were sharing a room miles away from home. 

Most people like me that have some form of learning disability like Autism, Aspergers or other spectrum disorders find it hard to say the correct words of our feelings, or just can't due to being anxious or non- communicative

So really is it fine to be just okay, when it comes to our mental health, as well? 

Not really in my view we need to be open to what is wrong with us, not to brush it under the carpet, but as some of us struggle to open up, even to our close family or friends, we do lie to hide it all.

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In conclusion we all need to stop lying that we are okay, and be more open, but beware of the people that question what is okay and what is not
If you need any help with your mental health, these sites might help

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