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Hi, everyone, I thought I would write a post on here about my Travel Bucket list that I want to do, Diabetes does not stop you travelling the world you just have to be sensible about it.

My Travel Bucket List 

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 I have travelled a lot of Europe, as it's so close to me here in the UK, but there are still places I have yet to visit

Ireland (Northern & Republic)

I have never been over the Irish sea to any part of Ireland Northern or the republic, which is strange as I have been to Scotland and Wales many times! I would love to visit Belfast, The Giants Causeway and Dublin.


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I have never been to Germany either, I would love to explore this country, even if it's just to visit Berlin


Another country I have not visited, with so much history it would be lovely to visit, also for the views like the picture above shows


I have visited Norway, Finland and Denmark (on many occasions) but never Sweeden, I would love to complete the full experience and have proper Swedish meatballs instead of the ones from IKEA


I have only visited South and east these are the places I would like to visit as well


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When I finished school, I was keen to take a gap break to work setting up IT for school kids out in Ghana, I never applied though as I got into my chosen University. So I never got to go to West Africa, so I would like to go to visit.


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Everyone seems to visit Morocco and have beautiful pictures, which is a shame when I want to go, I was planning to save up for a trip with a company to go, but now that does not look viable as I'm on a reserves list to go to Peru next year, so it will have to wait.


I only have visited 4 countries in Asia and I would like to do more


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We also have so much about India in the last few years about this interesting country and so many sites to see and cultures in one place, I want to do a tour around this country to experience it. Also, there is a Girl Guiding World Centre I would like to visit there to


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I have always wanted to go to Japan since my first year at university, when the lady running the bible group, had lots of things in her room with Japan, I was hooked, plus she made me a lovely cup of green tea with jasmine. I do hope that I can afford to go before I turn 40 in 7 years time.


I love the idea of going to a country to see Everest and cultures of this diverse country. Even though I would not do a climb to the top I would just observe the beauty of it.


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On my recent trip to South East Asia, we did not go to Vietnam as it was a separate holiday. I would like to visit as it has so many connections to Laos and Cambodia. Then I can revisit Laos and Thailand after visiting. 

Central America 

I would like to visit all the parts of America, the central part to 

Costa Rica

I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica, since my parents did the trip a few years ago, as I want to see mostly the wildlife the country has to offer,  plus there seems a lot to do for the adventurous traveller or not so adventurous traveller including learning about volcanoes and coffee. 

Middle East

This is new to me on my bucket list as it's still political unstable


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This is a recent one of my list of places, I would like to visit. I like the idea of having a swim in the red sea!


I have visited only 1 country but there is one still I would like to visit


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When I went to New Zealand 6 years ago, I flew over Australia, so I technically have been there only in airspace terms, this was another trip my parents did 2 years ago. I am always interested in the country that has sun and surf! I would like to explore the country and meet a couple of Kangaroos on the way round.

North America

I would like to visit all the parts of America, the northern part to  


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I have only visited the USA never Canada, which is so similar to the British climate, plus there looks amazing things to do.

South America

I would like to visit all the parts of America, the south part to  


Who does not want to go to Brazil, the Amazon rainforest and the carnival capital Rio, I have thought about going, but never had the guts to book a trip.

I do hope to these all very soon, in the next decade of my life, hope you enjoyed this post please comment below :)

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