Health - Dealing with Grief during Lockdown

Dealing with Grief during Lockdown

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We all have to deal with some tough times recently but grief has been one that has affected me a lot.
This has been a rarer though post to write,  everyone has to go through rarer hard periods at the present moment with COVID 19 still having a well-declared presence. How do we deal when we lose a loved one during the time of COVID 19 where they had it or not.

In my case it was not COVID that caused my grief, it was other health issues that caused it, my Granddad passed away in May this year after been ill for a while, then my sister-in-laws Nan passed to in June.

How would you cope when two people pass away, that were close in your family, the ways I found that were helpful
  • Talk about it - It's okay to talk about how your feeling don't bottle it up
  • Remember the good times - Photo's help me with this, it is hard to do when you still have issues that you have unresolved like for feeling guilty for not seeing them
  • Have some time for yourself - Make time for self-care, even if it's a walk, a trip to the shops or a bath. Self-care is so important 
  • Continue taking your medication - this is so important to manage your Blood Sugar levels as this can increase due to stress
  • It's okay to cry - I find that crying is a good way to get all those 5 grief pillars out in one go.
  • Getting help -  there are plenty of  helplines that are still open for a chat 

The helplines that are open

Cruse Bereavement Care - Phone: 0808 808 1677 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), 0845 600 2227 (Scotland)

The Bereavement Trust - The Bereavement Trust offers comfort, support and practical advice to the bereaved from 6pm until 10pm every evening of the year. Phone: 0800 435 455

Also, the BBC Action Line has a couple more, for young people and child bereavement

How have you coped with grief at this time, or any time, leave your thoughts in the comments 

Nic xx 

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