Review - The Foodie Bag

The Instagram Foodie Bag

Hi everyone, I recently got a lovely bag of photography equipment from the lovely people at Cotton Bag Co to review, I’m always looking to improve my skills, so what is in this bag of goodies

the front of the bag

The bag is from the lovely people at Cotton Bag Co, which has all the kit you need to help you take brilliant photographs of food,for your blog or Insta. I have always had a passion for photography I did study it at A Level for a couple years only getting a U though :(

The Bag is a lovely design, rarer large though!

the front of the bag

with this lovely egg design on the front

bag of bag
The back is the same with this hashtag design in yellow, white, and black

Inside the bag contains these goodies, the first is this lighting kit, a 5 in 1 pop up reflector which is amazing these are usual really expensive so to have one is great

5 in 1 light reflector

The reflector also comes in this lovely zip up case great for travelling

Next in the bag comes 8 postcards with the photographing tips, with the rule of thirds etc, which are great tips for the beginner photographer are great

8 postcards

The Final thing in the bag was this great selection of backgrounds, I have always wanted a great selection of backgrounds for my photographs, as using your dining table with boxes of medication and yellow stain that can't be removed is always not great, these range from grey, green and wood looking ones, I will be using these in future


Overall this bag is great for a food blogger or Instagram photographer the price is £39.95 on the website, but for what you get it’s a great price most of this from a photography shop would cost you in the £100's

Have you any photography equipment that helps you with your images, any tips you have, or would you have this bag?

Nic xx 

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