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The Golden Bloggerz Award

 What Is The Golden Bloggerz Award?

 It’s an award made to motivate and reward all these amazing bloggers that work daily to serve their audience and they worth more recognition. Their priority is to do their best to help their readers solve their problems & reach their goals! 


  1. Place the award logo on your blog. 
  2. Mention the rules. 
  3.  Thank whoever nominated you and place a link to their website. 
  4. Mention the awards creator and add a link to that too. 
  5. Tell your audience three things about you. 
  6. Answer your nominator’s questions. 
  7. Nominate 10-20 people who deserve this award.
  8.  Let the nominees know by messaging/commenting on their social media or their blog. 
  9. Ask your, nominees, any five questions that you want. S
  10. Share 2-3 links to your best posts. 

To all winners of this award, Congratulations! Keep doing what you love the most! And always remember: Readers come first! Thank you! 
Thank you to @ Smelly Socks & Garden Peas for the nomination and to Chris from Golden Bloggerz who initiated the award. I encourage everyone to please take the time to check out their websites. 

Three Things You May Not Know About Me 

  1.  I have a degree in Computing but I work in retail
  2. I like sci-fi movies and TV shows
  3. I used to Horse Ride, but stopped due to being a poor student

Smell’s Questions

  1. Sunrise or sunset and why? 

  2. I like the sunset as I'm usually around to see it, plus the clouds are pretty
  3. What book has had a lasting effect on you and your life?

  4. Harry Potter, it was the first book series that I fully read without getting bored
  5. Why do you keep blogging, what’s its value for you?

  6. I don't know to be honest, I nearly gave up 4 years when diagnosed with Diabetes as I thought what is the point of doing this any more as I could not make before as they were all 50g carbs per portion! I suppose it's for me something to do, which is coming to be stressful and to much when you have a list of blogs to comment on as long as your arm. I did hope that it would keep my coding skills up put I'm still struggling to work it all out as it changes so fast from what I learnt 11 years ago.
  7. What cruel and unusual punishment would you like to exact on the evilest of evil people?

  8. I don't know to be honest, I think the punishment we have at the moment is fine although they could have longer in prison would help
  9. What’s your last thought as you go to sleep at night?

  10. I need sleep

 My Nominees 

  1. Alice @ Alice Anne
  2. Holly @ Golly Miss Holly
  3. Em @ Love Em 
  4. Lauren @ Wool of The King
  5. Tiffany @ Food & Other Loves
  6. Lauren @ Of  Bournemouth Girl
  7. Kelly @ Kelly Diane Report
  8. Sarah @ A Spoon of Vanilla
  9.  Lisa @ Lisa's Notebook
  10. Lucy @ Lucy Mary

My Questions 

  1. What are your favourite seasons of the year?
  2. Dark or Milk Chocolate?
  3. What does blogging do for you in terms of happiness
  4. What are your favourite desserts to make?
  5. Tea or coffee?

Some of my Favourite Posts 

  •   This is the post I have with the most views a quick dessert using a reduced to clear fruit salad, it has over 1,00 views but very few comments as I deleted them :( 
  • This one is my favourite as it's all the places I have enjoyed visiting around the world  danish habour in cophenhagen
  • This is my third favourite post, I loved making this cake a challenge with the sponge and coconut topping, but worth it. I want to do more Danish bakes at some point in the future motivation needed though!
    danish cake
Thanks for reading :)

Nic xx 

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