Other - Have your ever (Fandom Edition)

 Have You Ever

Hi everyone, I thought I would do a fun post with a quiz that Kim @ chimmyville posted recently, it was fun to do, I makes me miss making fan art on photoshop 

 Have you ever made fan art?

Yes I used make Icons and other graphics for LiveJournal, tumblr and forums which you can still see

My favourite is still this one (warning for a very hot Michael Fassbender!)

I really want to make again, but with this blog and working more plus Diabetes I just don't have the time anymore

Have you ever written fan fiction?

Yes, I  have, I even had a Fanfiction.net account which you can see here

Have your ever gone to a special event for a fandom? (midnight releases, etc.)

No not yet on my on my bucket list is to go to Comic Con in the USA or even one in London, plus to meet some of my favourite stars

Have you ever been active in a fandom community online?

Yes, I was active in various forums for The OC, Mischa Barton, Orlando Bloom and a LiveJournal community for Harry Potter, plus I still follow Celebs on Twitter

Have you ever made friends because of mutual fandoms?

Yes online friends, no one in person  

If you want to do this tag, please do but tag the original creator Michelle @  A Geek Girls Guide for creating this fun tag 
Nic xx 

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