Other - Things I'm looking Forward in 2019

Things I'm looking forward to in 2019

Hi, guys, I'm looking forward to lots of good things this coming year there is always lots in the diary to do!

 Jan / Feb 

Destinations Travel Fair

 I love going to this annual fair to pick up brochures for the possible holidays that I could go on and they have food to try, books to buy, lecturers and guest speakers


Busted @ Wembley Arena

 I'm going see Busted for the first time at Wembley Arena; I'm so excited to see them it will be my first gig that I will be going to my own since I was diagnosed with diabetes so it will be fun!


Family Birthdays

 April is always full of birthdays and the Easter holidays, it will be busy getting presents and making cards.

My Blog's 4th Birthday

 This little blog of mine will be 4, which is exciting but also stressful as the content and post have not that constant. 


Guide camp

 I’m going on at the end of May before the schools break up for half-term, it will be the local scouts in the county. They have lots of activities booked that look fun for girls but not really fun for us leaders that have watch whilst the girls have fun, so no zorbing for me which is a shame. 


My 32nd Birthday

 My birthday another year getting older, but now 2 years into being 30 still nothing is going to plan – oh well I hope that I have a great day doing something fun instead of working.


Dragon con? 

I’m thinking of going to my Comic/Movie Convention with Dragon Con which all about Harry Potter it’s in Manchester, so that will be staying in a hotel, tickets and train fare so we will have to see if I can afford it.


Summer Holiday

 I might be taking some holiday at my parent’s holiday home in Weymouth during the summer, also visiting my nephews over the summer for some day trips. There are a few birthdays including my sister-in-law’s, nephew and my mum, so it will be busy finding Lego to give and the card making stuff 


Day Trips

 I normally have a couple of solo day trips in September when the weather is better before the trees drop their leaves. This year I would like to go somewhere else other than London that does not cost a lot of money. Also, my youngest nephew has his birthday so more cards to be made

Nov & Dec 

Remembrance Parade 

I have done this for the last 2 years parading with the Guides, Rangers for Remembrance Sunday, last year I also slept over which was interesting, I hope to sleepover again this year. 

Guide Leaders Holiday

 I’m going at the end of November into December to Bangkok, Laos and Cambodia, with other Guide leaders in the county for a two-week trip exploring these South-eastern Asian countries. It will be a challenge for me with my diabetes to manage warm temperatures, travel sickness and eating lots of rice.


As I will be away in December, I'm having a stress-less December and not going any blog challenges, I'm not getting any facebook or blog love so I'm dropping blogmas in 2019, but I will still post before Christmas that its just in case I get ill after I come back or my diabetes decides to have a party!

Mostly most of my time will be looking after me, working and managing my diabetes and celebrating 3 years since diagnosis. 

What are your plans for 2019?

Nic xx 


  1. I'd love to know more about the Travel Fair! Maybe that is something you could do a post about?

    Chelle | www.chellebelle2016.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks for the idea, unfortunaley I had to cancel the travel fair, due to sickness :(