Travel - Day at Whipsande Zoo

  Day at Whipsnade Zoo


I was lucky to go at the end of February to Whipsnade Zoo which is about 45 minutes from my parents, I had not been since my 11th Birthday so nearly 21 years.

  Day at Whipsnade Zoo

As you know, I like going to places on days out esp. to National Trust properties as I'm a member, but when my dad won two of free tickets to Whipsnade Zoo for the day, I was keen to go even though we thought that my nephews would enjoy it more than me!

The Zoo has changed a lot in nearly 21 years

Most of the animals we saw were asleep or at the back of the enclosures, so it was difficult to photograph them!

 African Hunting Dog
 White Rhino
 Pygmy Hippo
Asian Elephants
Asian One-Horned Rhino
Amur Tiger 

I did not photograph every animal though esp. the lions as they were behind a screen so the pictures would not have been good, they were just lying there!!

There were good places to picnic, so you don't have to spend lots of money on food

The Shop was good to with lots of toys and other items for animal lovers

Postcards - 75p each
The insiders Guide - £3
Iron On Badges - These were £1 each!

For more information about events and opening times is on their website

What places did you visit are you going to visit this year?

*The tickets as explained in the introduction were won in a competition in a local camera club that my dad is a member of, he did pay for his own as well*


  1. I love going to zoos and safari parks and my favourite one locally in the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. Thanks for sharing, especially your photos. I love the little penguin.

    1. Me to, I have not been in so long, that it was worth visiting :) Glad you like my photo's of the animals :)