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 Lockdown Tag

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Hi everyone, how are you doing, I'm going a bit crazy during this lockdown, I'm just fed up the whole time, I'm forgetting things all the time, it's just crazy

I decided to do this tag which is from Hannah @ luxuryblush

This is the Lockdown Tag!

1 . Come On, Own up… Did You Stock Pile Anything?

I did stockpile my medication, which was essential to survive if I went into isolation

2. Have You Discovered a New Hobby?

No, not really, I did not start anything new :(

3. Where is the First Place You Will Go Once the Restrictions are 100% Lifted?

To my parents holiday home in Weymouth to use up all my Annual Leave, I have to use up! 

4. Loungewear or Normal Clothes For A Day of Isolating?

Longue wear on a cold day, but normal clothes for a hot day! 

5. Have You Been Wearing Makeup Whilst Staying at Home?

No, I don't wear makeup unless going out for special occasions

6. How Many Zoom Quizzes Have You Done? And Importantly, Did You Enjoy Them?

No, nobody invited me to do them :(

7. Did You Give into the Hype and Bake Your Own Banana Bread?

No, I did not do any banana bread, which is sad for a baking blog, I did not have any flour at the time to do it, still don't have all the ingredients.

8. Were You Still Ordering Takeaways? If You Did, What Was Your First One?

I have not eaten a takeaway in 2 years so no

9. Has Your Blog/ Instagram Content had to Change Since Lockdown?

Blog content has not changed but my Instagram has been more posts of my walks, flowers and Guiding events so similar to before

10. Are You Waiting Until the Hairdressers Re-Open or Have you Cut/ Dyed your Own Hair?

Yes, my hair has got long again! I have tried to cut my fringe on my own with varying results!

11. Who Have You Missed Seeing The Most?

My mum, but now I have a bubble with her, I can see her at last which is lovely

So what have you guys been doing during lockdown, what are your answers?

Make your own post or out your answers in the comments

Nic xx 

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