Travel - 5 places to visit in Bournemouth (Guest Post)

 5 places to visit in Bournemouth (Guest Post)


Hi everyone, hope you are doing well, I have a guest post from the lovely Caroline from Enviroline Blog about her 5 places to visit in Bournemouth, which I have not visited, but driven past on the way to Weymouth, many times. This post is the second in the series of 5 places to visit in the UK, for a stay cation, the first being Coventry. 


Hi, I’m Caroline from Enviroline Blog where I spread awareness about the environment and mental health, specifically eating disorder recovery. I want to thank Nic for hosting me on her blog to share the MUST-SEE Bournemouth attractions! I’ve been living in Bournemouth for University and I have loved the city so much. I have only lived there for a few months (thanks covid) but I wanted to share some of the gems I’ve found so far!

Pause Cat Cafe

Bournemouth’s cat cafe was one of the reasons I wanted to study for my degree at Bournemouth University. I’m a massive cat lover and I knew I would miss my cats. I’ve been to Pause twice now and both times, it was incredible. 

You pay a £5 entry fee which goes towards caring for the cats, buying their food and litter etc. In line with covid rules, you can walk around once you have ordered as long as you wear a mask. As a cat owner myself, I think it’s good that they have a rule in place to not stroke cats that are sleeping. There are 11 cats in the cafe, all of which are rescues. A few of the cats are related to one another. 


The cafe is filled with nooks and crannies for the cats to explore, with a room for themselves where their food is if they don’t fancy socialising. They have their own ladder alongside the stairs, as well as a bridge and lots of cat beds. I love all the cats but I do have a soft spot for Max and Pumpkin who are absolutely adorable. They are both ginger brothers, with Pumpkin having an adorable spotty nose - if you know me, you’ll know that I love cat noses!

Bournemouth Pier

I couldn’t write about places to visit in Bournemouth without mentioning the pier! I love going onto the pier in the evening to watch the sunset with my flatmate - especially because it’s free in the evenings. I’m not entirely sure but I think as long as it isn’t a busy day, the pier is free to go on. Saying that, it is only a couple of pounds.

As you first get onto the pier, there’s a classic beach takeaway shop. They sell pasties, ice cream, doughnuts and more. I’ve never ordered from here but my mouth has watered just walking past. One of my favourite things is to just look at the sea on either side of the pier. To the west, you can Hegistbury Head in the distance and on a clear day you might see the Isle Of Wight! On the other side, there are Old Harry’s Rocks which I’m hoping to visit soon.


Near the end of the pier, there’s a restaurant called Key West Bournemouth. I would definitely recommend booking a table there, but remember to bring a jumper. They have a lot of variety on their menu, I choose nachos which were delicious though I would have been happy with anything. They have a great deal on where you can get 2 for 1 on cocktails - I decided on a raspberry mojito but didn’t realise the deal so 2 came! The restaurant has a really nice atmosphere and obviously, the views are the cherry on the cake.


I should also mention that the pier has a zip wire. This probably isn’t something I will ever do as I am a bit afraid of heights. But if you are an adrenaline junkie, it would be perfect for you. No doubt there would be stunning views as it goes over the sea!

ODEON cinema

I haven’t been to the ODEON cinema yet but I have heard so many amazing things. I think it is on the pricier side but I’m sure it’s worth it to sit in a recliner chair! Outside of the cinema, there is a range of restaurants such as Prezzo, Pizza Express, Nando’s, as well as there are lots in the town centre - I’d recommend Franco Manca.

The Gardens

The Gardens in Bournemouth are so beautiful, they are full of wildlife, trees and flowers. I’ve walked from the beach up to the Upper Gardens which was a really lovely walk - if you love wildlife, this would be perfect for you.


The Lower Gardens are situated by the beach, practically opposite the pier. Often near the bottom of the Lower Gardens, there are some street food stalls that are super tasty and a great stop for lunch or dinner! There’s a stream (The Bourne) running down the right-hand side, lots of cafes on both sides and even mini-golf! I played with my flatmates and thoroughly enjoyed it. It costs £5.50 which is pretty good so close to the beach, along with there being 18 holes. 


The Central Gardens are lovely as well, but my favourite part of The Gardens would be the Upper Gardens. I love how peaceful they are, with so many different flowers. Just above the Upper Gardens, there’s the Coy Pond Gardens which are maybe even more beautiful. You can walk all around the pond, where there are fish and ducks. On one side of the pond, there is an insect hotel with a cute sign saying ‘No Humans Welcome’ which I thought was great. There’s also a mini waterfall and lots of different plants. This is another must-see if you like your wildlife!

Bournemouth Beach

You might be wondering why I’m mentioning the beach when I’ve already mentioned Bournemouth Pier. I’ve spent almost every day at the beach on my daily walks so I couldn’t miss it out. One of my favourite routes at the beach is walking by the beach huts (in rainbow order), and near the end, there’s a zigzag path which is very steep but has wonderful views. You can see the pier through the gaps in the hedge and when the sun is shining, it looks incredible. Plus, there’s normally an ice cream van at the top!

If you carry on along the beach, you will reach Boscombe pier! There’s a cute diner just before you reach the pier - I haven’t been in but it looks like one you’d see of an American TV show and the menu sounds good, so I would like to go there.


What would you recommend visiting in Bournemouth?


Thank you to Caroline from  Enviroline Blog, for your 5 places to visit in Bournemouth, if we visit next time we are in Dorset, then I will have a look into visiting a couple of these :)

You can find Caroline from Enviroline Blog on her blog @ Enviroline Blog and on social media Facebook, Instagram & Twitter 

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Nic xx 

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