Health - Packing for a Day Trip with Diabetes

 Packing for a Day Trip with Diabetes


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Hi everyone, I do love a day trip whether that to be a National Trust or English Heritage property, or a walk around the countryside going for a walk, I thought I would share what to pack what I have in my bag for a day trip with my many health needs


 Snacks are important for me to have, I mostly have a cereal bar or cake bar, as these can survive in my backpack for weeks with long use by dates. I can have these if I have a low blood sugar or forget to pack a cereal bar or crisps for lunch as well. Most supermarkets sell cereal bars or cake bars. 

Glucose tablets 

 These are very important to lift my blood sugar, if I'm low or have a hypo, so always having them close to hand on a trip, even going out shopping is so important. I use Lift ones, as when I have used dextrose tabelts they have fallen out of the packet and gone everywhere! The lift ones are in a resealable plastic tube, so no mess! 


 The another important one, my meter and insulin pen, testing on the go is important to catch hypo's but also now my levels, when it comes to meal planning as well. 
I'm on finger pricking at the moment, which means strips and finger prickers, I have got used it for the past few years, with the technology improving over the years there is hope that I might be able to move on a sensor which does the measurements by scanning a sensor on my arm, which would give my fingers a break, but I have to wait to they approve me. 
I'm on short and long acting insulin. The long acting insulin which covers me the whole day and works in the background (Basal) this I take first thing in the morning. Then the short acting insulin which I take each time I eat and to correct high (Hyper) blood sugars as well. I don't usual take the long acting with me on day trips.
I also sometimes take a Ketone meter on Day trips which tests the amount of ketone's in my blood, if I have high (hyper) blood sugar. 


 My phone does a lot for me, I can add the amount of carbs that I'm going to eat, also to find the amount of carb in a piece of food using the Carbs & Calls App. This app is so helpful esp. when eating out and finding carbs for specific food, it saves having to guess what the carb is. I'm one of these impatient people that does not like guessing!


Money is important to take with me as well, in the form of cards, this is useful if I have to buy extra snacks on the way, if I need to, or stop in the gift shop to pick up a postcard or two! 
What are your essential items that you take out on a day trip in your bag, leave your thought in the comments 

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