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 Mod Update

Photo by Timo C. Dinger on Unsplash

I thought I would update, what has happened in the last few months, since I wrote an update.   

I messaged the mod of the Facebook group back, explaining my situation, they did not take that at all, and was very rude to me, swearing. I also posted on a bloggers help group of this to, I was banned for 1 month. 

So, I decided in the end that the blogging community was not helpful or supportive at all, from the response I got, esp. from these bloggers on these Facebook groups. 

So, I left them all, even the ones on Twitter in the hope, that I would come back in a couple of months, which has led to 8 months of Hiatus. 

 I feel let down by the community of bloggers for not supporting me through what happened, even though it was my mistake for not proofreading the post before publishing, it was the way I was spoken to by them, and the banning from groups when it was not necessary to ban me. 

I have stopped blogging recipes and food, as I have no means to return to it, if I'm going to get similar problems, making new recipes or even adapting them has become harder since I lasted posted and people don't care. 

I'm sorry for all of this in the first place, but it’s a warning to bloggers, proofread your posts before publishing and to mod's don't swear at bloggers, learn some manners


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