Travel - Blogmas Day 19 - Hughenden Manor at Christmas

Blogmas - December 19th 

  Christmas at Hughenden Manor

Another trip to a national trust property to see their Christmas display this time it's Hughenden Manor which is only a couple of minutes away from my flat. The theme this year was Alice in Wonderland
The house and gardens were all decorated with the theme, so it was interesting to see what part of the story or character was in each area. 

My Mum having a go at Croquet
There is also a connection between the story and the resident of the Manor House Benjamin Disraeli. In the Lion & unicorn. John Tenniel's illustrations for the section of the book Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll. They caricature William Ewart Gladstone as the Unicorn, and Benjamin Disraeli as the Lion, alluding to the pair's frequent parliamentary battles, although there is no evidence that this was Carroll's intention

All admission prices and opening times are available on the National Trust Website, App or on social media 

*I'm a member of the National Trust, so I don't pay admission prices*
Do you have a literary author that has a connection to your local area?

(apologies the photo's were taken on my phone, so I did use a lot as they were mostly blurry!)

Nic xx 

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