Other Blogmas - Day 10 - Surving a Snow Day

Blogmas - December 10th 

  Surviving A Snow Day

Hi guys, it is snowing here in Buckinghamshire, so my plan of going to my parents for some R & R after another tough week of work is delayed, so my tips on surviving a snow day for us people with health issues
  • Stay warm - put layers on of clothes, your heating might not keep up with the temperatures
  • Drink fluids - Have a lot of hot drinks like tea or coffee to keep you awake and hydrated
  • Eat sensibly - Eat as you would do on a normal day, and stick to your carb counting as you might not be going out a lot so you BS might go up. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of medication - Stock up on your medication before the bad weather hits, so you not caught out!
  • Make sure you have had your Flu jab - I had mine done in October so don't leave it to chance
  • Enjoy the weather :)
Do you guys have any tips as well for surviving snow days?

Nic xx 

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