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Blogmas - December 18th 

  Christmas Panto's & Shows

Tonight I got to go to a local showing of The Adventures of Pinocchio

The show was really good, although the theatre is small. The puppet of Pinocchio was the same technique used by the production of War Horse on the West End.

I could not take any photo's of the performance, so some press pictures.

The money from the performance is going to a local charity called Work Aid collect unwanted tools and equipment from across the country, refurbish and distribute them to people in need, to help them learn a skill and earn a living. They are based in my home town of Chesham in Buckinghamshire. I went to see the charity once, and they do great work, we also donate items that we no longer need to the cause as well.

What are your favourite panto's or shows at this time of year?

Is there a local charity that you support at this time of year?

Nic xx 

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