Other - Blogmas Day 22 - 2018 Reflections

Blogmas - Day 22

2018 Reflections 

2018 has been  a mixed year for me here's is some of the things that I have enjoyed and some I have not


  • I have had a semi-successful year blogging
  • I went away on holiday
  •  I had fun
  • I nearly learned about spending more time wisely
  • I have booked a holiday for next year with Guides going to Thailand, Laos & Cambodia with other leaders
  • I have been lots of places


  •  I have had my another year with diabetes and I'm still here
  • Not being invited to family events
  • Having a bad job
  • Not really feeling that people care a lot about me again 
  • Spending all my money 
  • Not going on Guide camp this year 
  • Not been organised enough
  • Not blogging enough food posts
What have been the good things that have happened to you?

Blogmas So Far

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