Travel - Blogmas Day 11 - Christmas at Chastleton House & Gardens

Blogmas - Day 11

Christmas at Chastleton House & Garden

This weekend I went to visit a National Trust property to see the Christmas displays, as it was recommended to my parents by a member of my dad's camera club

Christmas at Chastleton House & Gardens

I like to visit National Trust properties around this time of year and this is was a first-time visit to
Chastleton House & Gardens was I was a little nervous to visit for the first time

The house is a valley so you park the car in a field at the top of the hill, that was a mud bath, so we got stuck and had to get other visitors to push us out

Once there it seemed a little smaller than expected, there was a video that explained the house and a guide for the property and explained it was Victorian Christmas.

The house is as it was left to the trust with crumbling wallpaper and dust everywhere, I was really surprised that the Trust have decided to leave it that way it does not help the feel of the house at all, we have visited a house that was empty that had less dust!

 None of the rooms were explained what they were decorated for, or what they were. The room guides explained that they have room paperwork, but in the high season not at Christmas so if you have never been, you will be just going in clueless around the house, it does not really explain much 

There was a tiny little stall that had guide books, but I thought it was not worth it, for what I got and the poor explanation of the theme and the overall house itself.

I have never been to a National Trust property that I have left upset and disappointed, by what I have seen and the volunteers

For more information about the house, events and opening times is on their website

What places are you visiting this year?

All admission prices and opening times are available on the National Trust Website, App or on social media

*I'm a member of the National Trust, so I don't pay admission prices*

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