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Blogmas - December 24th

  2019 Resolutions (Goals)

Happy Christmas Eve to you all, I'm having a last-minute panic, but as the year ends I'm thinking ahead to 2019 and the goals I want to achieve this coming year

So here are my goals
  • To post a recipe at least every 2 weeks - I have been trying to do this hopefully I will do!
  • To gain more followers and comments - Hopefully
  • To keep my health good
  • To have more confidence to do things on my own esp. holidays - I'm going away in 2019 so hopefully, I shall
  • Find a better job that pays better - Hopefully!
  • To find a partner in crime (aka a boyfriend) - Hopefully
  • To enjoy my volunteering work - Yes I would
  • To enjoy the year and make most of the things that come
What are your goals for the coming year?

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